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English Sumary

Hourly rate.....490,-

Operating system reinstall including drivers from 900,-

Network installation - price depends on complexity of work

IP Camera system instalation - price depends on complexity of work

Transportation cost:

In Prague........300,-
Prague vicinity............500,-

ur company offers repairs and troubleshooting of common daily difficulties with computers, networking, internet, network printing and instalation of HW and SW
We also  build home networks with cetralised data storage and utilize home networks for multimedia equipment.
We build IP camera systems for home and small offices with the possibility of remote access.
We offer web page creation and webhosting for competitive  prices
PC Servis Praha is focused on computer users, SOHO offices and all kinds of home electronics. Audio Video. Webdesign. Webhosting.

You need our services or help,  call mobile phone (+420) 721 145 395 or write to us!

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